A collection of the history of Clarendon and early settlers. An interesting museum of collectable from early days.
Clarendon Museum opens last Sunday 1pm to 4pm Feb – Nov.


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Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
Interesting story how history can be hiding in the strangest places...
Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
It was an amazing 2 weekends of LEGO bridge building. Thank you to all the kids that had a go (and also to the parents who waited patiently for the kids to participate).

Last weeks leader Wiley somehow managed to more than double the strength of his original bridge to take out the title at 46.4kg! Jake and Zac came in second with a load of 43.6kg. Their bridge could have held more weight, but due to our inability to weight their bridge safely at the time we had to call off adding anymore weight.

Ethan's record from last week of 17.3kg takes out the 0 - 6yr category.

Tasmin and Jase Tilbrook brought in a surprise for us on the last day too. They had built a beautiful replica model of the Clarendon Bridge from LEGO. For such a tremendous effort they will be getting a LEGO set too. Tasmin will be bringing her bridge to show at the upcoming bridge celebrations on the 21st of July so you can admire it there if you didn't get a chance to see it.

We will be bringing the LEGO board setup to the July event too so kids can test out their bridge building skills once again.
Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
Muriel’s scones and cakes are ready to go. Come on down to the museum between 12 - 4pm!
Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
Our very own Muriel is baking up a batch of her famous scones with cream and jam for this Sunday’s opening. She is also baking some other goodies, don’t miss out!! 12-4pm this Sunday @clarendonmuseum @historyfestival
Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir this weekend. We have our limited edition 100yr coffee mugs for $12, and an array of postcards starting at $1.50 @historyfestival @clarendonmuseum
Clarendon Museum
Clarendon Museum
It was an fantastic first weekend for our LEGO bridge builders. There were some amazing builds, with every child coming up with something unique. Our leaders after week one are Ethan (17.3kg) in the 0 - 6yrs, and Wiley (21.4kg) in the 7 - 14 yrs. This Sunday is your last chance to take out the title and win a LEGO prize, so come on down between 12 and 4pm!

Some other amazing efforts...

0 - 6yrs
Ethan 17.3kg
Owen 4.1kg
Anika 2.5kg

7 - 14yrs
Wiley 21.4kg
Dylan 18.7kg
Deanna 13.9kg
Abigail 10.4kg
Blake 5.9kg

South Australia's History Festival Bridging The Onkaparinga - 100yrs of Clarendon Bridge
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